Green Game Jam for Youth — Rules


The Green Game Jam for Youth is primarily targeting university students. However, if you feel the inner passion to do something for the Earth, you are welcome to sign up. Participation is 100% free.  

Signup Methods:

  • Participants can register on TiMi official website, and download relevant materials on the official website and submit works as required.
  • The team leaders should be responsible for registration, with a maximum of 6 people per team.
  • Participants must provide true and correct information when registering and submitting works; the organizing committee will only use the information for competition evaluation and award.

Requirements on Works

  • To participate in the competition, participants shall ensure that they have the right of use or copyright of the submitted projects and relevant authorization, and shall not involve the Organizing Committee in any copyright disputes or other intellectual property disputes.
  • For Original New Game, participants can create games based on the theme and their own interests. In order to present the game perfectly, PowerPoint, video and runnable demo must be submitted. Entries can include console games, PC games, or mobile games (including H5). Projects with incomplete materials (no pictures, no video, no introduction, no demo) or inconsistent contents will not be reviewed. For the purpose of evaluation, the game should be in a playable state so that it can be provided to the jury for review.
  • For Green Activation in an Existing Game, participants can design a live-ops plan for a current video game, based on the theme and their own interests. In order to present the proposal perfectly, a demonstration in the format of PowerPoint must be submitted. Projects with incomplete materials (no pictures, no introduction) or inconsistent contents will not be reviewed.
  • The game or the proposal should be an unpublished work. It should not have been published on any other platform yet.If plagiarism is found, comments and suggestions on the game can be sent to the email [email protected]. The Organizing Committee will investigate the truth of the facts.
  • Games and proposals submitted after the submission period closes will be regarded as invalid.


Judging Criteria

Original New Game

  • Innovation (40%): Show creativity and playability
  • Theme (20%): Deliver meaningful content to Conservation & Restoration with a focus on Forests or Oceans
  • Art Style (20%): Offer unique aesthetics and style
  • Degree of Completeness (20%): Consider overall quality of experience


Green Activation In An Existing Game

  • Feasibility (40%): Can this actually be accomplished?
  • Innovation (20%): How creative and playable is it?
  • Theme (20%): Does it speak to Conservation & Restoration of Forests or Oceans?
  • Compatibility (20%): Does it fit with the existing game?


Copyright Statement

  • If the Organizing Committee requires the participant to provide proof of rights such as related copyright of the submitted work, the participant shall provide relevant proof seriously in accordance with the relevant requirements, otherwise, Tencent has the right to cancel its qualification at any time;
  • The Organizing Committee reserves the right to interpret the rules of activities within the law;
  • The intellectual property rights of all works are owned by the participants. For the materials provided by the entrant, the Organizing Committee has the right to use it for publicity (including social media content), website display, etc. during and after the course of the event. Game builds will not be distributed by the Organizing Committee for any purpose other than category judging by partners.


Ensure the legality of the works

  • The content of the work is not allowed to include the following information, including but not limited to:

(1) Promote or encourage crime;
(2) Vulgar content;
(3) Excessive nudity, or sexual and sexual depiction;
(4) Violence or abuse against humans or animals, or other information that causes discomfort to others;
(5) Information that hinders adolescents’ physical and mental health, such as encouraging minors to consume tobacco and alcohol;
(6) Insulting and defamatory to the state, social organizations or others;
(7) Incites ethnic hatred, ethnic discrimination, and undermines national unity;
(8) Undermine the country’s religious policies and promote cults and feudal superstitions;
(9) Information prohibited by laws and regulations or harmful to the healthy development of society, such as promoting drunk driving, gambling, excessive drinking, drug abuse, suicide and self-harm, a description of illegal weapons, illegal drugs, etc.



  • Regarding prizes, relevant taxes may be deducted from cash prizes given for participation in Green Game Jam for Youth.