It’s not every day that your hard work gets rewarded, but it feels pretty sweet when it does! Congratulations to the @PokemonUnite team for winning @GooglePlay 's Best Game, Users' Choice Game, Best Competitive, and Best Game Changers for 2021. #GooglePlayBestOf

We would like to wish our fans a Happy Thanksgiving! We tried making a TiMi-turkey, but let's just say that good gameplay, graphics, and community make for tastier games than turkeys, wouldn't you agree?😉 #Thanksgiving2021

We are honored to join @P4PAlliance and be presented this year's First to Implement Award from #GreenGameJam.

Together with so many amazing game companies, we'll keep on exploring the power of games to tackle climate issues.

Thanks to all of our fans who always support us!❤️

We are excited to introduce you to a reimagining of our beloved title, Honor of Kings as a new multi-platform open-world game.

Get ready to embark on a fantasy journey in a world of discovery, wonder and adventure in Honor of Kings: World!

@HoKWorld #HoKWorld

For @HoKWorld, we are happy to work with Mr. Liu Cixin and his beautiful story The Poetry Cloud, which was created before The Three-Body Problem.

We remember that he is also one of your favorite sci-fi authors too? 😉😉@HIDEO_KOJIMA_EN

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