Simon Clavet is bringing his talent to TiMi Studio Group!

A pioneer in procedural animation for gaming, he now joins our TiMi Montreal team to help us get our unannounced AAA open world multiplayer project in the hands of gamers worldwide.

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Curious about the future of digital humans? Tang Minkai sat down with us to explain the present and future impact of this new technology. Well... a version of him did.

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Attention Trainers! #PokemonUNITE will be in maintenance on September 1 (today) from 2:30pm to 12:00am PT. During this time, the game will not be playable while we make adjustments.

We appreciate your patience and understanding!

Learn about art direction from @nbsparth, who participated in Tencent Game Developer Conference this summer! You can watch his talk here:

#videogames #TGDC #artdirection #gamedev #gamedevelopment

Congratulations, @blvkhvnd, you are the 2022 @PokemonUNITE WORLD CHAMPIONS! 🏆

The first in history to ever do it, and UNDEFEATED at #PokemonWorlds. What an achievement! 🎉🎊

#PokemonUNITE | #UNITEesports

Wishing all the @UniteEsports teams well at the Pokémon UNITE Championship Series – the first Pokémon team event at Worlds! With day one complete, who do you think will take home the crown for this epic #UNITEesports event?

Hi all! I am very excited to announce that I have joined Team Kaiju and TiMi G1 Studio to participate in their new AAA adventures as Senior Art Director. Delighted to jump to a new team of great creative talents to create an entirely new IP for players around the world.

We welcome @nbsparth as our new senior art director for Team Kaiju, TiMi G1 Studio, helping us create new IP. Sparth joins us after working on games like Halo, Prince of Persia, Assassin’s Creed and RAGE. We can’t wait to share his work with us soon!

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