Curious about how TiMi can make games with such high unit counts on a mobile device?

Don’t miss Thousands of Soldiers Battle On One Mobile Screen: Applications of Unity’s DOTSin “Return to Empire” by Jian Xiao and Cangjian Hou on March 23rd, at 3:00 PM

#TiMiatGDC #GDC23

How does Honor of Kings run well on so many devices? Learn how we tackled this unique problem in Practical High-Performance Rendering on Mobile Platforms by Xiaoxin Guo this Thursday, March 23rd, at 2:00 PM

#TiMiatGDC #GDC23

Learn about how we’ve built an intelligent asset pipeline to benefit players in Honor of Kings: Differentiable rendering in production, how we build a scalable asset pipeline for mobile games by @EleisonLing and @ifree0 this Tuesday March 21st, at 5:30 PM #GDC23 #TiMiatGDC

Understand how TiMi Audio Lab creates unique auditory footprints for ongoing mobile games while collaborating with prominent artists around the world in TiMi Audio Lab: Sound Design for Honor of Kings by Sean Zhao on Tuesday March 21st, at 11:20 AM #GDC23 #TiMiatGDC

Attention #GDC23 attendees! Don't miss out on the four in-depth sessions being presented by our talented gamedevs!

Learn from the best in the industry and take your game development skills to the next level. See you there! #TiMiStudioGroup #GameDevelopment


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