TiMi Studio Group Opening Game Development Studio in Montréal

MONTRÉAL & LOS ANGELES (July  19, 2021) – TiMi Studio Group, a subsidiary of Tencent Games and the global video game development and operations team behind several major titles including Call of Duty: Mobile, Honor of Kings and the upcoming Pokémon UNITE, announced today it is opening a new game development studio in Montréal, Canada’s global gaming hub. TiMi Montréal joins the TiMi family in North America, alongside the Los Angeles and Seattle studios.

TiMi Montréal will be a leading studio to focus on the creation and development of an original IP, with the backing of TiMi’s global development resources. The Montréal team will be challenged to create a AAA open world, service-focused video game for players to explore across multiple platforms. TiMi Montréal will set its own creative destiny with plans to grow into a sizable team by the end of this year.

“Montréal offers access to a diverse, trend-setting work force capable of creating AAA open world experiences at a massive scale,” said Vincent Gao, head of global game development for TiMi Studio Group. “Our focus is to start with console and PC platforms with the highest quality, and then let gamers all over the world play how they want regardless of platforms.”

TiMi Montréal is committed to the growth of the local gaming ecosystem. To support growing the local talent pool, it will collaborate with local universities and organizations like Montréal International, which supports the attraction of international talent.

TiMi Studio Group is a member of Playing for the Planet Alliance, a collective effort by the games industry to decarbonise and integrate environmental activations into video games facilitated by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). TiMi Montréal will work with local partners to advance its sustainability initiatives as well.

“TiMi’s decision to set up in Montréal strengthens the city’s position as a top world-class video game development hub. It has the potential to attract highly skilled talent to grow the city’s gaming ecosystem, which is in line with Montréal International’s efforts to promote the sector to qualified workers and investors,” said Stéphane Paquet, President and CEO of Montréal International, which is supporting TiMi, along with Investissement Québec International in the Montréal opening.

TiMi Montréal will join TiMi Studio Group in North America following the opening of TiMi Los Angeles and TiMi Seattle. TiMi Montréal and TiMi Seattle are both currently focused on making games that matter for the passionate global console audience, while TiMi Los Angeles serves as a robust management and operations hub, to prepare for full-fledged global development in North America. 

  • TiMi Montréal is kicking off the development of an ambitious AAA, service-driven open-world game across multiple platforms.
  • TiMi Seattle has been in the works for more than a year with dozens of key hires already in place. The team is working on a multi-platform shooting game based on an entirely new IP.
  • At TiMi Los Angeles, executive producer Sinjin Bain is establishing strong management infrastructure across North America after serving in many leadership roles, including VP of EA Partners.

“One of the shared objectives for these three new studios is to ensure truly amazing cultures of their own, that encourage risk-taking on a creative level. ” Bain said. “We’ve already gained strong experience from setting up our existing teams in North America and with the freedom and resources we have at our disposal, we are ready to build more world class teams making amazing original AAA games.”

To learn more about TiMi Studios Group, go to www.timistudios.com, for information on job openings, history and more.